Speech and Language Therapy

My name is Angela Sloan and I am the speech and language therapist at Grafham Grange School.  I am in school 4 days a week. I have worked with children and young people with social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH) for over 20 years.   This work has been in liaison with parents, carers and a range of professionals in a variety of settings, but in particular within schools.

Research shows us that students with SEMH frequently have speech, language and communication difficulties.  These difficulties can include problems understanding what people say and using spoken language (words and sentences), as well as problems interacting with others to develop positive relationships and friendships.

The speech and language therapist at Grafham Grange School has a role in:

  • assessing and identifying speech, language and communication needs;
  • promoting a school environment which removes barriers to communication;
  • training and advising staff on how to meet speech, language and communication needs;
  • offering support to those students who need speech and language therapy, e.g. providing advice and/or programmes for others to implement in school and at home, delivering direct 1:1 or group sessions.

Working closely with teaching staff, parents and carers, other members of the Therapy Team and external professionals is crucial for the success of speech and language therapy interventions.  Supporting students to develop their language and communication skills helps them to access their learning, make friends, improve their emotional wellbeing and develop their ability to manage their feelings and behaviour appropriately.

Students starting at Grafham Grange with speech and language therapy provision specified on their Education Health and Care plans go onto the speech and language therapy caseload, with parental consent.  For other students, if there are concerns about their communication and interaction skills, they can be referred to the speech and language therapist via the school’s Therapy Team.

Angela Sloan

Qualified Speech and Language Therapist

Member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council