By Adrian Notter - July 12th, 2022 | Posted in News

We recently opened our door to friends and families for our Annual Sports Day. Although the sky was cloudy, the students shined as they competed in a variety of different track and field events. The effort, sportsmanship, conduct and respect demonstrated throughout the day was outstanding. The skills and performances on display were also extremely impressive and as a result many new Sport Day records were set!

Participation is at the heart of sport at Grafham and we celebrate this by awarding the Participation Cup. For each event that a student participates in they earn points for their house. This year the Participation Cup was awarded to Wonersh house!

The winner of the overall House Shield, taking into account points gained through participation and performance, was also Wonersh house!

Each year we award MVP (Most Valuable Participant) to the student who earns the most points through participation and performance, and this year it was awarded to Ronnie! He competed in 5 events, winning gold medals and setting new records in all 5.

A huge well done to all students who participated in the events. A big thank you to the families and visitors who came to support the students throughout the day. The students really appreciated your support and the atmosphere it created. And an even bigger thank you to the staff who helped support the day and made everything possible – the kitchen team, staff running refreshments, score keepers, officials and all staff supporting the students.