By Clair Hill - July 7th, 2023 | Posted in Article

Year 8s have been immersing themselves in ghost stories and spooky literature as part of their English literacy learning. To further bring this topic to life they visited Silent Pool, an old chalk quarry fed by underground springs and would have been a precious source of pure water in days gone by. Many people who visit the pool say it has an eerie stillness looking out over the still water surrounded by the evergreen box trees.

‘Legend has it that this is due to the fate of a woodcutter’s daughter who was surprised by a nobleman on a horse as she bathed in the pool. Having failed to lure her to the bank, he rode his horse into the water and caused the girl to move out to deeper water where she drowned. When the woodcutter returned and found her body, he also found the nobleman’s hat floating on the water. It bore the crest of none other than Prince John!’ Source: www.visit

Students also had the opportunity to go in a WW2 bunker, which they said was ‘freezing and quite scary’. Another highlight of the trip was swimming in the River Wey!!