By Adrian Notter - February 10th, 2020 | Posted in News

In Art, students have been working on product design. Each year group are looking into the world of packaging, marketing and advertising.

Students have been using various skills and research techniques to answer the question; What makes good packaging? Some classes have been collecting data through questionnaire’s they have designed. Others conducted product analysis through real life packaging and marketing.

The skills students acquire through this project contribute to many aspects of their daily lives and gives them the foundations they need for future projects. Communication around product design gives students the opportunity to critically analyse and evaluate various methods. This gives students a chance to enhance their work with first hand research and understand how this will lend itself to the work they will produce in the project.

This term the students will be inspired by a variety of areas in product design and be captivated by the ever-changing world of packaging. Answering the question ‘How do the skills we use throughout this project help in our daily lives?’