By Adrian Notter - January 30th, 2019 | Posted in News

The Year 10 students held a ‘Posh Nosh competition’ with an esteemed panel of judges, including Mrs Janet Tremble, Ms Anna French and Mr Derek Hume. The students created their own designs and laid on quite a feast!

First up was Jack’s dish: Gammon with a caramelised onion mash, herby pea puree and fried egg. His meal was supplied from our local butcher and was of his own making and simply delicious.

Next was, Rhys’ Balti curry made from his own Indian spice collection from home and presented with restaurant style quality.

Then we had Mark’s double decker bacon and cheeseburger with a BBQ egg salad on the side – one to watch out for, Gourmet Burger Kitchen!

Lastly but in no means the least, Tom made dessert for the judges – an iced coffee cake, with a toffee sponge and espresso icing. The judges were very impressed and thanked the students for their lovely meals.