Home Learning

Six week home learning plan


Week 1


Remembrance trench story

Week 2

Heroes and Heroines

Week 3

Heroes Captain Tom Moore article

Sir Captain Tom Moore Qs

Week 4

Bond hero

Week 5


Week 6

Using different conjunctions in writing



Read me first

Activity Sheet Where are Nutrients Needed

Read me first

Healthy Lifestyle Exercise Diary



Level 1 to 6 Homework booklet

Level 1/2

What is History?

What is Chronology?

Level 3

Enquiry presentation

The historical questions task

Level 4

Follow the instructions on the work sheets

What are sources?

Primary Vs Secondary Challenge!!


Level 5

Tolland Man and Historical Detectives

Historical Detectives adapted for GGS

WS Historical Detectives

Level 6

Presentation The Druids

Stone Age to the Iron Age Timeline Cards

Lesson Plan The Druids

Activity Sheet A Guide to Being a Druid



KS3 Game device project




Diwali Presentation

All About Diwali Presentation

Dancing Rice

Science Experiment

Science Experiment Prompt Card

Diwali Crafts

Diva Lamp

Paper Plate Diva Lamp Instructions

Diva Lamp Holder CD

Diva Lamp Instructions

Elephant Handprint

Elephant Handprint Instructions

Kandil Lantern

Kandil Lantern Instructions

Rangoli Wind Decoration

Rangoli Wind Decoration Instructions

Frozen Fizzers Science Experiment

Frozen Fizzers Science Experiment Prompt Cards

Number Shape Cut Outs

Turmeric Indicator Science Experiment

Turmeric Indicator Science Experiment Prompt Cards

100% Print Guide

Blank Rangoli Patterns Template

Diwali Coordinates Activity Pack

Diwali Themed Mindfulness Colouring Sheets


Food Tech

Level 1

Cultural food quiz

Level 2

Mini study on cultural foods

Level 3

Planning and making food from other cultures

Plan a dish to make

Level 4

The eat well guide

The eat well guide worksheet

The eat well guide instructions

The eat well guide review



Table of SPI Resin Identification Codes

Resources Materials, Metals

Week 1

Timber based materials

Week 2


Week 3

Materials – polymers

Extension work

The School has gone above and beyond in helping my son

Parent of Year 11 student


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It’s National Careers Week!

National Careers Week (NCW) is a celebration of careers guidance and free resources in education across the UK. The aim is to provide a focus for careers guidance activity at an important stage in the academic calendar to help support …

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Children’s Mental Health week

It’s Children’s Mental Health week 2021 and to celebrate, Grafham Grange School are following the campaign theme of ‘Express Yourself’. So, here’s the challenge…can you find creative ways to express yourself through writing, art, dance, poetry, music, playing instruments, drama, …

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Exploring Aboriginal Art

Year 6 have been looking at aboriginal art this term. Over the past few weeks, we have designed and constructed our own boomerangs. Students have spent a lot of time creating vibrant designs using aboriginal patterns and symbols. The 3D …

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Grafham gets creative!

Art this term has been centred around ‘natural form’. Each year group identified a key area of natural form and studied various aspects around the theme. Each week students focus on an art medium and produce work using a specific …

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