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This information is intended to provide clarity and transparency to students, parents and carers about what to expect from remote education where national or local restrictions require entire cohorts (year groups or school) to remain at home.

These arrangements are for both individual students who are self-isolating and groups which are requested to remain at home following a class, year group or school closure.


What should my child expect from remote education if their year group or whole school are sent home?

We can support you and your child in three ways in relation to home learning.


Firstly via our school website.

On this page under ‘Home Learning’ you will see tabs for each year group. In this area of our website you will find access to a range of lessons and resources which should keep your son busy during any periods for which he cannot attend school.

This is designed to support ongoing learning and development and to compliment whatever he would be doing in school during that time. The subject teacher will indicate which week to focus learning on.

Please DO NOT feel any pressure to complete all of the tasks for every subject. Our advice would be to choose a couple of subjects each day and to complete a task from each. Of course, if anyone wants to do more, there is more than enough work here to keep your child busy.

Please be assured that if you have any questions or concerns in relation to any of the work, please contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to offer any support or guidance required.

For some students the teacher may direct your child to work on a different piece of work bespoke to what they are completing in school, or a project if this approach is deemed to be more appropriate to their needs or way of working.


Secondly via paper work packs or books.

Where it is not possible for a child to access on-line work the school will provide either workbooks or work packs. These will either be posted out to you or delivered by hand and again will compliment or follow on from work completed in class.


Thirdly, all subjects can be accessed via Kerboodle.

This is a digital resources system which contains a bank of learning resources including videos, animations, podcasts, worksheets and digital text books. All students have a password to access this site. If you need any information please contact your son’s tutor.


In addition to the above students can also access the following sites:

KS3 Maths:


KS4 Maths:


All students have a log in for My Maths



Food Tech:


For all subjects:




In some cases we may facilitate a Zoom or Teams remote lesson. This will be arranged on an individual basis as many of our boys struggle to engage in through this medium.

As parents and carers you are very aware that our immediate concern is for the mental well-being of our boys and reducing anxiety and concern within the home around school based issues. As such, if you have concerns that you son is struggling or refusing to engage in learning, please contact your son’s tutor in the first instance to discuss and gain support and advice.



The School has gone above and beyond in helping my son

Parent of Year 11 student


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