Home Learning

Home Learning

Our home learning provision is designed to be a continuous aspect of our partnership between school and home. There may be times when our students will need access to home-learning materials.

Our plan for remote learning has been designed to be useful and accessible to families as well as be manageable for staff, who, for most scenarios, will still be teaching the class during the day.

Home learning packs will be sent home with the key aim of consolidating prior learning. Learning is linked to the students’ curriculum expectations, EHCP outcomes, therapy provision and curriculum schemes of work. Frequent and clear explanations of new content through high quality resources e.g. written explanations, video or audio clips or links are also shared with the families. Regular feedback is given to the students and their families to support or extend the students in their learning.

Regular communication with families is encouraged. Our staff will provide feedback and recognition of pupils’ work and achievements through discussion with the student and family, while the student works from home.

Our students are expected to engage in the learning opportunities set by the class teacher. If families are finding it difficult to motivate their child/ren to engage with home-learning opportunities, they are encouraged to contact the form tutor who will be able to offer advice and support.

The wellbeing of the students and families’ is paramount. We would only ask families to encourage as much engagement with learning activities as possible, but we do understand that this will vary from student to student.

Parents and carers are asked to:

  • read all communications from the school to ensure they are fully aware and up to date with news and updates that relate to the school.
  • support their children to complete the learning that has been set by the member of staff.
  • liaise with school staff and seek support on behalf of their child as needed via email or phone call.
  • ensure courtesy and politeness to any member of staff within any communication and provide access to the learning offered for their children.

Should you have any questions, please contact your child’s tutor in the first instance and your query will be signposted to the relevant staff member as needed.