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By Adrian Notter - October 21st, 2020 | Posted in News

Art this term has been centred around ‘natural form’. Each year group identified a key area of natural form and studied various aspects around the theme. Each week students focus on an art medium and produce work using a specific technique. Below are some examples of work across year groups.

Year 6 are focusing on animals, it is a topic they have a lot of knowledge about through research, discussion and seeing them in real life.


Year 7 are concentrating on trees, they have studied various tree types and used different mediums to produce artwork. Students also went on a nature walk to identify trees around school.

Year 8 took a close look at insects, they explored different species, learnt about their anatomy and created works of art to illustrate them.

Year 9 are studying flowers, identifying different varieties – including flowers in their own gardens. Students discussed flowers in great depth, they shared facts and stories about flowers, including grandparents having lovely tulips in their garden!