Our science curriculum, tailored for SEND students, aims to build a strong foundation in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics from Years 7 through 11. We use a spiralling approach, revisiting key concepts while maintaining accessible complexity
and depth. This supportive learning environment encourages curiosity, passion, and skill development in science.
Year 11 focuses on reviewing key topics, enhancing practical skills, and applying knowledge to real-world scenarios, preparing students for GCSE exams and boosting their confidence. Our inclusive, engaging Science curriculum ensures that our
SEND students reach their full potential, succeed in their exams, and thrive beyond school.
Incorporating hands-on activities, inquiry-based learning, and real-world applications, our curriculum caters to unique learning needs and develops critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills. As students progress, they acquire
essential knowledge for foundation level GCSE exams and make informed choices about further education or careers.

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If you require further information on this curriculum subject and the planned outcomes, please contact Aza Gustafsdottir a.gustafsdottir@grafham-grange.co.uk