Religious Studies (RS) is vital to Grafham Grange to prepare learners for entering a culturally diverse Britain and ensure we have a flourishing community for all, regardless of religion, culture, or background. RS fosters empathy, tolerance, and curiosity of other’s cultures and beliefs. Cultivates students’ knowledge and understanding of the six world faiths. Encouraging this respect and communication skills is essential for our students to live harmoniously in a diverse world. 

It is a reflective subject, that encourages young people to ask challenging questions about the meaning and purpose of life and develop their core values. RS underpins the knowledge, skills and vocabulary being acquired across the humanities curriculum and contributes significantly to PSHE lessons. We aim for our students to develop a love of learning and interest in exploring cultures that leads to lifelong learning.  

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If you require further information on this curriculum subject and the planned outcomes, please contact Olivia Davies