Personal Development is the single most important subject at Grafham Grange as it will help pupils develop the knowledge, skills, values and confidence they will need to keep themselves safe and healthy, and lead rich and fulfilling lives as part of modern society.

Students will develop the social, emotional and communication skills, such as emotional awareness and regulation, speaking and listening skills, which will allow them to become well round members of society. Students will gain a deeper understanding of not only themselves but also the world around them identifying and respecting similarities and differences in themselves and others.

The curriculum will educate students of how to live safe and healthy lives, and the impact it can have on social, emotional, mental and physical health. When students leave Grafham Grange they will have the self-belief, direction and tools required to achieve in education, enter employment, become valued members of society and live rewarding lives.

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If you require further information on this curriculum subject and the planned outcomes, please contact Claire Mcdonnell