Physical Education is essential for not only gaining the necessary skills and knowledge to participate in life long physical activity but also for developing the personal skills required to be become well rounded, productive citizens. Many of our students can find skills, such as communication, respect, teamwork, focus, confidence, discipline and resilience, significantly challenging, so nurturing these skills is at the heart of the curriculum. Students will develop their understanding and appreciation of the impact that sport and physical education can have on social, emotional and mental well-being as well as physical health and fitness. Students will also gain a deeper understanding of the way their body moves and feels, and acquire the skills to move more competently and confidently. When students leave Grafham Grange they will have developed an understanding and appreciation of the importance of exercise, the essential social and physical skills, as well as the will and interest required to engage in lifelong sport and physical activity. Most importantly, students will leave prepared for employment and further education, and equipped with the personal skills to build healthy and respectful relationships and make valuable contributions within society.

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