ICT (Information and communications technology) introduces students to the fundamentals of computer and digital communications technologies, discovering
the varied roles and wider implications of computers and digital communications in the modern world.
Studying ICT will allow students to attain better success in education, by giving students a comprehensive understanding of how computers work; how to use
computer and communications technology responsibly and respectfully; and how students can make best use of computers in not just their own education but
more broadly in their daily lives.

The students will explore topics such as internet safety, internals of computers, and the legal, honest, and ethical use of computers and digital communication.
Students will also develop their self-belief and confidence in using computers and learn more practical skills such as using word processors, spreadsheets and safe
internet browsing. Then moving on to more advanced topics such as digital design and graphics, editing digital audio and music, and programming. We will also be
investigating additional topics such as artificial intelligence, and robotics, and how these two ever-evolving themes are changing how we live within the global
community. We strive to prepare our students for the working world, and give them the knowledge, experience, motivation and skills they need to achieve in
whatever career they choose to pursue.

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If you require further information on this curriculum subject and the planned outcomes, please contact Duncan Wilson d.wilson@grafham-grange.co.uk