History is an important part of the curriculum at Grafham Grange as it helps students to know and understand the past, the UK’s diversity and engage critically with the world around them. We challenge students to act and think like historians, to research thoroughly, to weigh up evidence, understand chronology, evaluate sources and develop their arguments.

History is an essential subject at Grafham Grange because it helps to develop student’s memory, problems solving skills, communication skills, teamwork and critical thinking skills.  These are essential skills for further study and employment in most fields. Students will be working towards AQAs unit awards in history starting with Pre-entry level qualifications in year 7 and graduating to Level one qualifications in year 8 and level 2 in year 9.  

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If you require further information on this curriculum subject and the planned outcomes, please contact Olivia Davies o.davies@grafham-grange.co.uk