Humanities is a subject in which students develop knowledge of a diverse world, develop cultural awareness and become conscious of the challenges the world faces.

Our curriculum enables students to develop an investigative knowledge and skills that are also transferrable to other curriculum areas. Humanities can also bring controversial topics to the classroom in an empathetic and engaging manner which allows students to make up their own minds and establish reasons for their own beliefs. The students will develop their social talents, using communication and friendliness whilst adapting to working as part of a team within the

We want our students to be prepared for the ever-changing job market and employment opportunities they will face in the future and through our curriculum we regularly make links to careers in Humanities, as well as essential skills that geographers have which employers seek. Skills such as planning, organisation, fieldwork and map reading. We are aiming to ensure students become global citizens with the knowledge to enable them to tackle any challenges that face them in the future.

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