Food technology is an essential subject for any student because they gain cooking as an essential life skill. As well as understanding of personal hygiene and a
knowledge of different beliefs and cultures surrounding foods. Graham Grange’s Students will be exposed to contemporary issues around food and a working
knowledge of nutrition and how it contributes to a person’s health and wellbeing. Students are inspired and challenged to imagine and create a range of dishes by
being exposed to a variety of cultural and celebratory dishes.

Students will develop their culinary skills and their critical thinking skills to develop their own recipes and menus for a varied audience. Food technology develops
student’s literacy, numeracy, communication and emotional literacy skills as students embark on teamwork in a kitchen. These skills are key to further education,
in working life and living, fulfilling and healthy lifestyles. We offer a Level 1 and Level 2 NCFE qualification in food and cookery skills, and the Level 2 qualification is similar to a GCSE grade 4-9 depending on the final grade allocated. This course can begin a student’s career in catering or offers transferrable skills to other areas of work such as business and management.

NCFE food and cookery course details can be found here

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For further information regarding the curriculum at Grafham Grange School, please contact John Reilly, (Executive Principal) or Sadie Cawood (Deputy Principal)