In art, we open the world to our students. We explore therapeutic needs in the subject and relate the ideas into real life scenarios. We grow interests into the world and develop highly valuable and transferrable skills for future careers and life. Students will investigate the differences the world displays through artwork and form their own opinions and beliefs, whilst being empathetic and engaging in the contrasting world around them. Celebrating differences and understanding why difference is empowering. Students will empower their own thoughts and begin a lifelong exploration of self- discovery and self-belief, as they journey through the spiral curriculum full of rich and exciting art and techniques.

Our students will leave with a dynamic thought process and have a wealth of knowledge about the world and their place within it. They will be resilient and determined, whilst understanding patience. They will contribute to discussions and not be afraid to ask why. They will listen and immerse themselves in other opinions, whilst understanding and believing in their own. They will find the freedom and individuality that art offers and enjoy the calming space it provides.

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