Our Curriculum: 

  • Meets the needs of children with a wide range of aptitudes and abilities
  • Is broad and balanced and aligned to the National Curriculum
  • Includes an emphasis on personal development through Grafham’s ARCHES values
  • Includes methods and approaches that meet the needs of each individual child
  • Supports the outcomes described in each child’s Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

Our curriculum model aims to: 

  • Maximise each pupil’s engagement
  • Support outstanding progress across all areas of learning
  • Provide motivating and relevant learning opportunities and developmental activities
  • Adopt a personalised approach that allows staff to plan in response to a pupil’s individual needs and interests and take into account their barriers to learning
  • Lay the foundations for pupils to have a meaningful and independent adult life, so that they are well-placed to make a positive contribution to life beyond school
  • Base learning opportunities on real-life experiences in engaging, innovative, and stimulating and inspiring ways
  • Promote pupils to engage, participate and try hard
  • Provide pupils with the foundations for learning so that they can achieve and progress at their own pace