Due to staff shortage, the school office will be operating on reduced hours on Wednesday 2nd and Friday 4th December.

The phones will be covered between the following hours:

Alternatively, please email the school office, who will direct your communication to the relevant staff: schooloffice@grafham-grange.co.uk



The Team

We are a comprehensive team to meet the diverse needs and well-being of our students. The full staff team under the leadership of the Principal Mrs Janet Tremble can be found below.


Name Area of ResponsibilityContact details
Janet TremblePrincipal & Safeguarding Teamj.tremble@grafham-grange.co.uk
Anna French Deputy Principal & Safeguarding Teama.french@grafham-grange.co.uk
Jo DuncanAssistant Principal & SENCOj.duncan@grafham-grange.co.uk
Mary LovellBusiness Managerm.lovell@grafham-grange.co.uk
Wendy Rooken-SmithManagement Support Assistantw.rooken-smith@grafham-grange.co.uk
Lisa HaynesReception & Admin Assistantreception@grafham-grange.co.uk
Sherie HarrisMaths Teachers.harris@grafham-grange.co.uk
Asbjorg Gustafsdottir Science Teacher a.gustafsdottir@grafham-grange.co.uk
Nicola MorganEnglish Teachern.morgan@grafham-grange.co.uk
Holly-Ann StevensArt Teacherh.stevens@grafham-grange.co.uk
Ian JamiesonGeography Teacheri.jamieson@grafham-grange.co.uk
Derek HumeDesign & Technology Teacherd.hume@grafham-grange.co.uk
Olivia DaviesHumanities & Food Technology Teachero.davies@grafham-grange.co.uk
Liam CranfordPE Teacherl.cranford@grafham-grange.co.uk
Anne WestlandComputing IT & Maths Teacher (Agency) a.westland@grafham-grange.co.uk
Kay LongbottomDesignated Safeguarding Lead & PALS Managerk.longbottom@grafham-grange.co.uk
Kim CampbellDeputy PALS Manager & Safeguarding Teamk.campbell@grafham-grange.co.uk
Tyra HumePALS Assistantt.hume@grafham-grange.co.uk
Louise PowerPALS Assistantl.power@grafham-grange.co.uk
Thomas WestallPALS Assistantt.westall@grafham-grange.co.uk
Ben TaggartPALS Assistantb.taggart@grafham-grange.co.uk
Brian WhiteheadPALS Assistantb.whitehead@grafham-grange.co.uk
Jemma MossPALS Assistantj.moss@grafham-grange.co.uk
Gemma ByrnePALS Assistantg.byrne@grafham-grange.co.uk
Chloe AdamPALS Assistantc.adam@grafham-grange.co.uk
Alex MatthewsPALS Assistanta.matthews@grafham-grange.co.uk
Grant RehrPALS Assistantg.rehr@grafham-grange.co.uk
Kyle HumePALS Assistantk.hume@grafham-grange.co.uk
Roberto SansivieroPALS Assistant r.sansiviero@grafham-grange.co.uk
Chloe JohnstonPALS Assistant (Agency)c.johnston@grafham-grange.co.uk
Cheryl BeachPALS Assistant (Agency)c.beach@grafham-grange.co.uk
Agnes JongwePALS Assistant (Agency) a.jongwe@grafham-grange.co.uk
Letitia OmaboePALS Assistant (Agency)l.omaboe@grafham-grange.co.uk
Lily MurrayPALS Assistant (Agency)l.murray@grafham-grange.co.uk
Matthew Hammond PALS Assistant (Agency)m.hammond@grafham-grange.co.uk
Pete BrunsdenOff-Site Tutorp.brunsden@grafham-grange.co.uk
Karen AlfordLiteracy Co-ordinatork.alford@grafham-grange.co.uk
Sandra JacksonSchool Nurse & Safeguarding Teams.jackson@grafham-grange.co.uk
Angela SloanSpeech & Language Therapista.sloan@grafham-grange.co.uk
Aude AyliffeSchool Counsellor (Agency) a.ayliffe@grafham-grange.co.uk
Kate HenriquesArt Therapistk.henriques@grafham-grange.co.uk
Adrian GallagherMental Health and Physical Wellbeing Advisera.gallagher@grafham-grange.co.uk
Michael SmithPremises Managerm.smith@grafham-grange.co.uk
Kevin AcottMaintenance Assistantk.acott@grafham-grange.co.uk
Sarah ChubbHousekeepers.chubb@grafham-grange.co.uk
Amy ShepherdLunchtime Assistanta.sheperd@grafham-grange.co.uk
Arkangle D'SilvaCatering Managerconnect.caterting@grafham-grange.co.uk

The School has gone above and beyond in helping my son

Parent of Year 11 student


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